Urgent Cancer Treatment for AlaenuRa Adams  
Required Amount £25,000
Time Sensitive - Mid September by the Latest

Dear all, friends, family and those I have not yet met. This is an urgent call and time sensitive request to those who can help in any way.  

I have only just decided to go public at this time as needed I complete stillness to begin to unpack this most powerful health-life dilemma. For those of you who don’t know me. I am an ordained interfaith minister, musician, healer and mystic. I’m probably best known for my singing and live performances and Spiritual and Inspirational work. I had a cancer diagnosis last year and soon had surgery on my tongue where they removed a 2cm core to excise a 1.5mm lesion. The process was very difficult and traumatic for me because, on top of the surgery, I had 2 massive bleeds where I lost 5 litres of blood. Basically, I nearly died. As a consequence I now have numbness on my tongue and one of my saliva glands doesn’t work well and is extremely painful due to scar damage. (I also developed IBS and Diabetes 2 due to the intervention). It seemed an excessive treatment to remove something so small and it has left me very shaken. I cannot sing the way I could these days and my speech has also still not fully recovered. As someone who is a communicator, it’s a real wake up call. 

A few weeks ago I had a routine scan and biopsy for an unusual lymph node. They found cancer cells. It seems I was only just beginning to turn a corner from last years ordeal and yet. Here I am again. The emotions that have arisen are very intense, ranging from extreme grief, hopelessness and fear, to leaps of faith and deep wholistic healing. I am experiencing them all. I have delved deep and realised that clearly something is trying to get my attention, trying to show me what is out of alignment within my being, both anatomically and energetically. Finding out what that is is of paramount importance. This feels like a full on call to duty in soul recovery, physical and emotional healing and the restructuring of my entire being.

The London hospital (the same one that treated me last year) wanted to immediately dissect a large area of my neck (from shoulder to ear) and remove most of the lymph nodes, and then zap me with radiation every day for six weeks. The prospect of this is very difficult to accept. As someone who has always worked holistically, and after my terrifying ordeal with surgery last year, I am naturally called down a non invasive route.

Through my research I have found an incredible clinic in Mexico www.immunotherapyinstitute.com with Dr Ariel Perez where they are offering this kinder method of treatment. Since we are all uniquely different beings their methods are multi disciplinary, creating a highly personalised regimen, an all fronts attack on the cancer cells that includes many cutting-edge methods (with thankfully no actually cutting). This includes reprogramming ones own immune system to creating super-killer T cells which are then reintroduced into the body to attack the RNA and DNA of the specific cancer. 

As with Life as a whole, when it comes to cancer there are no guarantees, but I feel very strongly that, at this time of a huge collective shift for us all, my personal spiritual work on this planet is only just beginning. I realise that a whole new level to my being is being called forth into complete expression to bring inspiration, power and truth to what it means to be human. 

Where I’m at right now: Incredible healers and medicine people have miraculously shown up and, with the help of an amazing wellbeing coach (who specialises in integrative medicine and self healing), I have already managed to start change my life in many ways. Through meditation, diet and exercise, I’m finding that negative energies are being transformed and it feels like I’m beginning to regain autonomy. This process is a leap of divinely guided faith supported by a sense of deep knowing. I am not ready to leave this plain yet, there is much work to do and I believe that my personal history with cancer, as well as our communal experience with CoVid, has come to awaken me, so I can truly show up in my entirety.

And finally: I‘m reaching out to one and all for your assistance in helping me manifest for the highest good, so I can receive the hugely important and hopefully lifesaving treatment offered in Mexico. Along the way I will be documenting my personal mind body and spirit healing journey. 
I will have my New Audiobook and original music available to download from my website as a gift to you. (Please bare with for a few more days to sort this out)
I will also be creating self healing tools which i will be sharing during this time. 

Blessings do abound within any suggested life-threatening diagnosis, a light is shone on fear and unattended aspects of our being. My personal story is a reflection of the greater human journey as we return to the perfection of our original innocence and divine blueprint. 

I thank you all very much for your generosity compassion and kindness.

With deep love and respect AlaenuRa (Alaena Adams) 

I give thanks  PEACE and LOVE  ✨⭐️

Estimated Cost of treatment £20,000 

Estimated Cost of flights from UK and accommodation as an out patient £5,000

My Therapeutic work and offerings over the past 15 years : www.youtube.com/sacredwhisper

Thank you all for your Generosity 

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