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Alaena Adams, Also known as AlaenuRa, StarLight and Hummingbird woman, is an Intuitive Healer/counsellor, Creative Artist/Visionary, Singer/Musician, Writer/ Philosopher/Metaphysical Teacher on the Human Condition, The Androgen Concept and what it means to be human. 

She is also a World Bridger, Shamanic Practitioner, Channel and Ordained Minister. 


She has been described as the Soultress of music; her voice is as rich as the tapestry of life itself. 

She was born in North London in the 60's, of Nigerian and Portuguese parents. Her parents played a crucial role in shaping her growth as a human being and the unfolding of the richness of her life.


Alaena serves as a bridge between the OLD WORLD and the NEW WORLD of Modern Living. She is not shy when it comes to the area of human development and transformation. Her teaching and counsel encompass a broad spectrum of the human experience. She regards herself as someone who has Transcended Ethnicity, Sexuality, Gender, Disease and the Old Systems of Duality and Fear. She says she is on the planet but not of it.

She continues to expand beyond the limitation of Roles, Behaviours, social norms, conditions, Earthly contracts, Identities and systems Imposed upon us by society and the cultures we live within.

Alaena has continued to grow through the Human Journey that at times has brought her to her knees in surrender to the medicine, wisdom, and blessings she received as a consequence of entering the deepest and darkest recesses of her life experiences.

She has had various Awakenings through extraordinary circumstances, two terminal diagnoses, experienced homelessness, rejection, and exclusion from society, sexual abuse and addiction.

As she stated, "There is potent wisdom and medicine that transforms and transcends the prejudged dark and painful experiences into the true gifts and blessings that they are."


Alaena currently resides in London and has traveled extensively around the world to be with the land and people of indigenous communities. She has traveled to many Ancient pre and post flood locations and temple complexes around the world as a World Bridger and Gate Keeper.

These experiences have become part of the foundation in delivering her gifts, wisdom and discoveries to the world.


She has counselled clients, both locally and internationally, to lead them to deeper purpose, directive and embodiment of their true being.

Her work is transformational and creative which aligns them to their soul being and over self, moving them from limiting thoughts and beliefs (beyond the confinement of labels) to a place of expansion and empowerment. 

She offers Inspirational Tools, Music, Videos, Books, Audio books, Information and Podcasts as well as Workshops, Bespoke Ceremony and Initiation Rites for these Changing Times.

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I thank you all very much for your generosity and kindness.

With deep love and respect AlaenuRa (Alaena Adams) 

I give thanks  PEACE and LOVE  ✨⭐️

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