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From Hip Hop to New Age music - Bossa Nova to Dance Music and

From World Music to RnB,  Alaena continues to explore different music styles as well as merging styles into fresh and evocative flavours of sound, melody and rhythm.
Music is one of the most powerful mediums in the world today. An industry has been build around it serving as endless time capsules of the human story. Music wasn't always simply entertainment, but a sacred offering to the listener and the sacred space that surrounds us always.
Music and sound has a deep therapeutic quality and can promote relaxation and emotion in extraordinary ways. As a visual artist, Alaena says that conveying sound that creates landscapes and pictures in your minds eye is by design what music was designed to do as a spiritual and shamanic practice.
She sees this as an alchemical creative process. Alaena chose to express her self through music using sound that contains a visual and a cinematic quality.
After going to Art School in the 80’s and qualifying as an interior designer, it's not surprising that Alaena creates sound in a similar way as an Artist using sound, tone and pitch in the same way an artist would use colour, tone and shade and creating texture and definition to the piece using the voice or a lead instrument.
Having had no formal training in music - Alaena often allows each piece to unfold with its own special characteristic. As a singer and many years as a backing singer she has spent many years working on layering and mixing of vocal harmonies, this has helped to create a unique recording style and sound.
In recent years Alaena has been developing and creating new music with a mix of New Age, World, and Meditative Music. Using spoken word, natural sounds and hand crafted sound scales to carry an individual along a journey of self-discovery, healing and Awakening.
The therapeutic nature of her music draws close attention to the changing times we are living in and need to Remember who we are and our connection to the stars, the planet and each other.
Alaena's personal journey in life has allowed her to organically express her self through the vibrational frequency of sound, music, voice and the spoken word.
Music was originally created to commune with nature, the ancestors and Spirit.
All indigenous tribes around the world had one thing in common, and that was the reverence and sacred order of life love and living as well as the God of their understanding, Divine Spirit Etc.
The First instruments ever created were Shamanic in nature and use to commune with the above, these instruments comprised of the Drum, Rattle and The Flute.
The human voice was one of the most important channels for conveying information from where ever it was called from.
This anthropological history of music and humanities original & sacred purpose for expressing its self, celebrating life, joining together as one, communing, journeying, receiving healing and wisdom, as well as for transmuting fear and negative energy.  Through the ages music has been used as a powerful sacred tool to express the unfathomable grace and beauty of creation and indeed the "HUMAN JOURNEY", Evident through out all traditions and cultures.
Music is therefore the perfect medium to express and translate the journey through "LIFE, LOVE AND LIVING".

Alaena is presently working with a few singers with great results. Alaena's production style offers deep sensitivity as a singer herself and brings huge value as a storyteller and producer. This makes as a huge asset as a producer or Co/Producer particularly with other singers.
The Music business has changed over the passed decade and it is possible to create high Pre/ Production Standard without paying high studio fees.
After many years of being in the hands of insensitive beat makes and musicians, as well as record companies who's main purpose was to make money, Alaena finally had her own pre production studio, it’s all she ever wanted.
She has at her disposal all she needs to explore, create, manufacture, professional and sophisticated high quality sound recordings.
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