Singer - Song Writer - Actor - Musician - Producer

Alaena Adams has Completed her First 

Native American Flute Album 


(Limited Edition).


It consists of Evocative meditative pieces such as

"Western Moorland" and "Blue Pearl", gentle grooves Such as "Spring Time Rain" and "El Paso", shamanic medicine pieces such as Totem" and "Cavern Rock", as well as an uptempo version of "Mountain Call".

With Influences from Native America, South American guitar and drums, Opera, Contemporary grooves and Dance music all interlaced with the sound of the Native American Flute.

This album is a rich and Vibrant palate of sound and texture, with some tracks recorded in 432hz.

This album is a mix of synth, acoustic and natural sounds creating a soundscape designed to journey though.

It has been generously hand crafted and includes special guests and some out sourced material.




Cait O'Sullivan

"Her flute speaks and my spirit rejoices. All becomes well with the world once more. Beautifully uplifting by a beautiful lady" 


"The Universe was Caressing your head on "Totem" Just Lovely"...

"Western moorland is a cavernous beauty,

Heart space is just as it says it is"...

"I love the digital hybrid alongside the deep moist forest nature sounds of quivering fluctuation".

Pure lushness.... 

Heather Powers

"A Stunning offering of Spirit Wind"

Mama Abuna



"Very Impressive"

Kazzie Smith 

"The Cosmic ambience you have created is incredibly breathtaking a real gift to all of us"

Alaena has almost completed her long awaited self penned Album called  






A mix of Latin, Bossa Nova, RnB, Soul, Jazz and Spoken Word…
It is an imitate and shimmering Album of pure sensuality about loves journey and the dynamics between two people...
An organic imix of Voice Grooves and Melody.
This naturally created a bitter sweet rhapsody that is simply irresitable...
What to Expect :
Sublime Emotion.
Food for the SOUL
Soothing in all the right Places
Butterfly Kisses
Like a cool breeze on a warm night !
Sublime Alchemy
Melancholy Blues
Indigo Jazz
Sketches of You and Me

A Special thanks to Music by
Ukpong ~ "Love just knocked on my door" & "Everybody Needs",
Ty Jeffries - Love theme & Summer Breeze.
Mike Bell ~ Here Alone

I love you guys.
hugs and kisses



"The flute must have cried when you stopped playing"...


"A sweet & sublime experience, intimately moving. Beautiful & deeply rooted in a love that is both outward & self aware/acknowledged.
The shamanic archetypical energy flow is
ever present and healing.
A blessing"...

~A special version of 'el paso'~

"Standing Rock"

*A Powerful Message To humanity*
Featuring: "Chase Iron Eyes" & Alaena adams"

All proceeds Donated to the The Water Protectors & The People of the Dakota region.