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~A special version of 'el paso'~

"Standing Rock"

*A Powerful Message To humanity*
Featuring: "Chase Iron Eyes" & Alaena adams"

All proceeds Donated to the The Water Protectors & The People of the Dakota region.



This debut album is unique in so many ways.

Each track was conceived in the moment and later edited.

Alaena has been singing for 30 years and playing the Native American flute since 2010.

She bought her first Native American Flute in Sedona ~ Arizona in the spring of 2010 shortly after her Mother died. She learnt to play amongst the red towering rock formations of Sedona.

It was a true Gift to the Soul, received at a difficult and Transitional phase of her life.

It was a true blessing to have this sacred shamanic instrument find her...

Immediately she discovered that the flute was not just an instrument but also a POWERFUL Transformational TOOL, forming a bridge from where you can access what is sacred, pure and always around us.

She quickly learnt to step back and get out of the way so the sacred dialogue of the Flute can express its self as medicine and the therapeutic quality and attunement that it brings.

Since then she has bought a few more, with each flute having its own character and sound.

All of the instrumentation, sounds and special affects have been played and sensitively put together by ear, like an artist creates colour washes, layers, tone and textures, definition and where appropriate the blending of edges on canvas.

She doesn't read music; Alaena has a natural sensitivity to sound, time and space. She often talks about the space between sound, being a doorway from which inspiration enters.

Inspiration is another word for ‘IN-SPIRIT’.

Alaena has been walking a Shamanic Path for many years and The Native American Flute has become a magical shamanic tool that she has great respect for.  

This Unique Album has come at a time of great change on the Planet, With a mix of different soundscapes on which she allows the Native American Flute to Play through her, She hopes that more people will get to here this Ancient Shamanic Instrument.

This brand new Album offers a doorway out of the everyday hustle and bustle into a journey to the soul.

Alaena can be found playing her flutes in the woods, on Sacred Land and Power places around the world and directly with Nature.

The Track “CAVERN ROCK” was actually recorded on Dartmoor in a Sacred Cavern.  

By tuning into the Unseen and the Empty Space in which everything occupies, allows the unexpected to arise with magical consequences. As a Powerful Craft of Music, Space and Sound,

This Album has a Cinematic Quality that allows you to Travel and journey with the Flute.

As someone who walks a shamanic and Spiritual path, music, beauty, all of life, nature, the human voice and the spoken word come together as threads of energy in motion.

Watch Video Below

'Sacred Whisper' ~ Flute Music for the Soul, is all hand crafted by the lady her self "Alaena Adams' with a mix of live sounds and synth pads to gentle percussion and full on beats.

It is a tapestry of movement of sound with intoxicating layers of intimacy...

Allowing space for Spirit to breathe and punctuating time with accents of voice and the flute has been an organic process and mostly improvised and allowed to take its own form.

There is hopefully something for everyone here with some surprises in store.

The Album as a whole will take you on a journey through various landscapes of the soul; it offers deep relaxation, medicine and a special backdrop to your life.

It will conjure and evoke the spirit of Indigenous shamanic people of the world and help to reconnect you to that part of yourself.

The album offers a range of moods and musical styles that will surge and pull, lift and transport your soul, whilst offering guidance and protection.  

All the sounds you hear were carefully chosen and played to bring washes of sight and insight to the unfolding channel and musical script.

Alaena says creating music by forming patterns and layers has allowed for a fusion of beats and sounds and melodies.

The length of each song ended up dictating the length and nature of the album...

A mix of synth & acoustically recorded sounds including nature sounds, loops, audio, digital and analogue wave forms creating a rich and vibrant collage of visual sound. With some tracks recorded in 432hz...

This album has been a working progress, the album was allowed to give birth to itself and to grow and evolve naturally.

Volume Two of “SACRED WHISPER” (Flute Music for the Soul) is being prepared as we speak.

All recordings, production, mixing and mastering process was all done in house,

It has been wonderful learning and growing experience and Alaena would like to thank all her Friends, Family and Followers of her journey and music so much love and appreciation…


Enjoy the Album.

With Deep Gratitude to All 

From Alaena Adams

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